In the cross-fade of time, sense and the three elements of our existence (2020)

In the thread of war and peace, life is struggling to search for its existence.

Director:  Hyash Tanmoy
Writer:  Subhankan Acharjee, Hyash Tanmoy
Running time: 1 min
Genre: Experimental
Country of Production: India
Production + Distribution Company: Zero Degree Arts

The mystery of fire, air, and water anonymously countering the past, present, and future. Their counterparts are metamorphosed with three spectrum of color (red, green, and blue) psychology, shifting stances in this time of uncertainties. This video installation project is a loop presentation to hypnotize the audience in a way to interact with them in audio-visual medium with an idea to show the mirror image of their own life and the race they are running and losing or winning every day in exchange for their abandoned existence.

Festivals and Screenings: 

Waiting for the results. 

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