Farrago (2019)

A story? No, no stories. Never again

Director: Santasil Mallik
Screenwriter: Santasil Mallik
Producer: Arvind Mohandas, Swagath s Senan, Punnag Som, Hyash Tanmoy
Running time: 13 min
Genre: Experimental
Country of Production: India
Production + Distribution Company: Zero Degree Arts

Farrago is an unkempt diary that generates a stream of audio-visual dissonance without an attempt to resolve it. While some parts of the varied montage traverse along with contemporary political issues, other parts blend fictional and documentary narratives to spawn a meaningless tale of a city and its fathomless vigor. This film failingly tries to construct a narrative out of small, disjointed and unassociated clips; yet, this failure itself is imbued with sporadic instances of political statements.

Sound: Sankhaneel Mitra
Cinematography: Santasil Mallik
Editing: Santasil Mallik
Set/ Décor/ Production Design: Brinda Bose

Javed Alam, Saugata Bhaduri, Bijoy, Jadav, Anindita Mukherjee, Pinky, Sambhu, Kolaparthi Jyoti Sarath, Dhiman Sarbajna, Utpal

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Festivals and Screenings: 

Festival de Cinema de Alter do Chão (Oct, 2019) Santarém, Pará, Brazil – Best Short-Film

Florence Film Awards 2019- Best Documentary Short

International Inter University Short Film Festival 2020 – Best Short Film

International short & independent film festival (ISIFF), Dhaka 2019- Nominated for Tarek Shariar Best Short

Llwan Festival ( Sept, 2019) North Wales, UK – Official Selection.

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