Equipment Rental

ZDA facilitates a premier film production equipment rental service since 2021. We go past cameras and focal points. We additionally lease sound hardware, lights, apparatuses, and adornments for photography and film creation. Our organization offers on recruit a wide scope of value DSLRs, Camcorders, Film Camera, Focal points, Apparatuses, Cranes, Jibs, Holds, Sound Stuff, Lights, photography adornments on lease and the sky is the limit from there.

We invest wholeheartedly and joy to see that a ton of individual producers and arising photographic artists who have been upheld by us have arisen as fruitful Makers and Mainstream picture takers who presently run their own organizations with numerous different partners working for them.

From sound stuff to lights, from mics to sound blenders we have everything. Our sound stuff incorporates Lapel mics otherwise called collar mikes, Blast mics, otherwise called weapon mics, sound blenders and Sound recorders. Our lights incorporate Drove lights, Figment lights (softy) lights, Elinchrom Lights, streak. A portion of the brands we enlist out incorporate Standard, Nikon, Sony, Kessler, Manfrotto, Sennheiser, Sound Gadgets, Rycote, Dark Sorcery, kinolfows and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With gear getting more modest, rigs and grasps are getting vital for shoots. Directly from Cine Sliders, shoulder mounts, Steadicams, cranes, pocket jibs, X grasps, fig rigs from different presumed organizations like Kessler, Manfrotto, Varavon, Tilta, and significantly more.

We feel glad that many film settling on customers decide to decision Accord Prepares first when they are searching for some new advancements and arrangements. They understand that we are regularly at the cutting edge of novel thoughts and film creation rental arrangements.

These are the following kits we presently have in-house, depends on the course of availability in Kolkata and Delhi.