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Our work transcends traditional mediums, merging arts, culture, media, and technology to sculpt (+/design) narratives with global resonance (/ audience). Partnering with organizations, individuals and communities – our works are a combination of transmedia projects but not only limited to immersive installations and moving images.

Our collective bouquet of talents brings unique perspectives to each project, driven by a shared mission to ignite meaningful change. From commission-based projects to boundary-pushing studio initiatives, every endeavor at ZDA is fueled by our commitment to making a difference in the world – in reality and in spirit.

The Team


Hyash Tanmoy

In the midst of measuring pitfalls and menaces, Hyash looks for meditative resilience through curation, moving images and undefined art forms at the intersection of culture, media art and technology. Their practice is an endangered combination of silhouettes that traverses from hieroglyphs to Python. Hyash has been recognized by the Berlinale Tanlents’21, Locarno Industry Academy’21, DocEdge India’21, Bifan’21, Ars Electronica’21-’22, Climate Story Lab – South Asia’22, Kyoto Filmmaker’s Lab’22, Emerging Curators Lab’22 and several others globally recognized talent platforms. Their works was awarded, presented and critically acclaimed at all the continents in the most prestigious media festivals and exhibition spaces around the world. At the intersection of undiagnosed panic attacks and personal traumas, they are searching for a language of translation and reciprocation to make the experience inclusive of everyone in the show — the archive is under construction (mentally and physically).

Creative Producer

Amrit Paul

Amrit Paul is a writer & creative producer. His stories & poems have been featured in books by Penguin Random House, and he’s written and produced several short films, audiobooks and web-shows, distributed on YouTube, Amazon miniTV and Audible Originals — and curiously, some in-flight entertainment systems.

Additionally, he works as a creative director for a content studio in Mumbai. He collaborates closely with brands — both corporate behemoths and bootstrapped startups — to build campaign strategies, and help them tell their own stories better.

Operation & Finance


Soumya, a recent business school graduate, finds joy in exploring data analytics, philosophy, and history, embracing a broad perspective that goes beyond traditional boundaries. With a genuine passion for creative problem-solving, Soumya loves brainstorming and crafting DIY solutions.

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