Script Consultation

We offer our honest feedback along with development notes to magnify the essential elements of scripts, dive into details, evaluate strengths and weaknesses of story, plot settings, characters, rewrite or adjust them as per their niche and get them ready to be picked up from the pebbles for different pitch fests, screenplay contests or productions. In other words, we let you borrow our eyes to a theatrical presentation.

In the present realistic universe of movies and TV, the story is your greatest resource.

Looking at the Independent of the market, only a decent story sells.

Particularly now, since so numerous Indian film houses and studios are searching for scripts/ contents for movies and web shows.

This is the reason at ZDA, we are a guide for your excursion, and we help you by giving inclusive screenwriting arrangements. It doesn’t make any difference, regardless of whether you are a new essayist or an arising author, we work with you on your screenplay, and once it’s prepared we send that screenplay to the makers and studios across India. That too at no expense to you.

Our administrations incorporate content perusing, script counselling, script doctoring, and script advancement.

What’s more, ZDA deals with all the composition and content advancement for your ventures. As we are knowledgeable in the language structure of screenwriting, you can maintain all your emphasis on the creation and acknowledgement of your work.

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