The Creative Exchange PROGRAM IS an OPEN COURTYARD FOR exchange OF KNOWLEDGE, CULTURE, AND PEOPLE. iT explorES THE ASTONISHING POWER OF digital and the creative economy where anyone can access, explore and create content IRRESPECTIVE OF TIME AND SPACE.
THIS PROGRAM WILL Create innovative partnerships between universities, businesses, and communities, crossing public and private sectors. 
Creative Exchange Program builds cross-cultural grasp thru exchanges and partnerships in the arts. We join individuals, institutions, and communities from around the world thru our programs, which consist of the Exchange Visitor Program and the International Partnership Initiative.
These partnerships will explore innovative purposes of multidisciplinary arts including digital media and science on social and cultural challenges faced by using organizations and communities throughout the globe.
This program will also be a section of Cultural Exchange Programs of the International Partnership Initiative champions worldwide work between the artwork institutions and their counterparts overseas through growing a forum for discussion and discovery amongst leaders in the artistic, academic, diplomatic, and coverage communities. The Initiative’s lookup and programming facilitate cross-cultural grasp and construct more suitable ties through global partnerships in the arts.
Creative Exchange Program helps the subsequent era of creative leaders through educational and cultural exchanges in the arts. Through the Exchange Visitor Program, we grant exchange opportunities and visa assistance for students, professionals, artists, and researchers from around the world collaborating in applications across the globe. We work specifically with worldwide museums, arts institutions, cultural organizations, and design firms.

We will be announcing our association with our partner collaborators soon, in the meanwhile if you would like to share any idea or like to collaborate under the program please write here.


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