ZDA is excited to announce its first open call for the filmmakers based or originally a resident of one of the SAARC countries are invited to apply in our UNANIMOUS SAARC CINEMA MOVEMENT (CHAPTER 01) program. Read more about the open call below and apply by September 15, 2019 -11:59 IST.
ZDA bolsters autonomous, critical, and imaginative voices from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka with the point of fortifying and engaging the inventive narrative division in these locales to establish the new form of zero budget filmmaking.

the program offers filmmakers customized consultancies and coaching programs to support them in their artistic and production method. in addition, filmmakers are invited to participate within the completely different trade events that ZDA needs to provide and broaden their international network and information of the FILM industry.

We are presently seeking out for modern inventive projects from the above-mentioned regions that have a solid understanding of how to reach worldwide audiences. 

Under the open call, projects can be submitted in five categories:

  • Research
  • Project Development 
  • Production and
  • Post-production 
  • Completed


  • The director of the project should have the nationality of a country as defined on the SAARC country List and should live and work in this country. 
  • In addition, the main producer attached to the project must be based in a country on the SAARC country List.
  • Before continuing, please confirm your country is on the SAARC country List.
  • In case a co-producer from Europe, North America or Australia is attached to the project, this cannot be the main producer of the project. The application to the call must be filed by the main producer from the SAARC country List and the application should be accompanied with a deal memo or co-production agreement which needs to contain detailed provisions on the following aspects: the participation of each co-producer in the financing of the project; joint ownership of all the rights; sharing of the revenues between the co-producers.
  • If a project is selected, the contribution must be spent in a country on the SAARC country List. A project can be submitted only once for each category. A project can be submitted for Project Development and at a later deadline for Production or Post-Production, whether or not the Project Development submission was successful.

Submission requirements

  • Incomplete applications won’t be taken into thought. Completed applications should be in our workplace on the day of the point.
  • Entry forms should be crammed get into English. 
  • Production applications can solely be accepted when in the midst of a trailer, demo, emended sequence or alternative audio-visual material of the project with a minimum of three minutes and most of twenty minutes.
  • Projects that have finished the shooting part are going to be thought of as Post-Production applications. during this case, applications ought to be in the midst of Associate in Nursing emended sequence or a variety of the motion picture of around 02-20 minutes.
  • In case your material is longer than twenty minutes, please indicate that half we want to observe or build a variety of twenty minutes which you’re thinking that is most representative and/or complementary to the top result.
  • Project Development applications will solely be accepted once in the midst of the visual material of the project. If offered, a trailer or chosen analysis material from the project is recommended if representative of the design. If no audiovisual material is offered, photos or a visible presentation may be given through a Vimeo or YouTube link.
  • Project Development applications ought to even be in the midst of one previous work, ideally representative for the design of the filmmaker. This previous/additional film, though needed for the jury’s choice method, is viewed providing necessary in creating choices concerning the choice method.
  • All applications have the likelihood to submit a brief video by the director introducing him/herself and explaining his/her motivation to the project rather than scripting this down. If you favor forming use of this risk, the link is often glued within the entry type.
  • Vimeo or YouTube links should be in our workplace on the day of the point. the fabric should be in English or have English subtitles. Links ought to stay online for a minimum of 2 months following the point. If attainable, please provide free viewing of the material (no password required) or ensure you send us the password.
Only projects that have been submitted according to the CINE-AGORA regulations will be considered. 

​Selection procedure

In assessing projects the fund will consider
(1) organic treatment and generic morality,
(2) the authenticity and urgency of the story/ subject,
(3) the vision and ability of the director/ crew and
(4) the financial feasibility/ independent aspects of the project

All applications that are complete are thought of for choice. Within three to five weeks filmmakers are knowing if their project is pre-selected. The candidates of the pre-selected comes can receive an additional in-depth form, that should be completed and came back among every week. The pre-selection type includes, among alternative things, an in-depth budget, finance set up, and production schedule. These applications can then be sent to the ultimate choice committee, whose findings are declared among 1 month when the point.

After selection

In return for the support, CINE-AGORA requests:

  • Recognition of the CINE-AGORA by placing the logo of the ZDA on the credits of the final project and all publicity material. Specific details will be described in the funding agreement.
  • The worldwide distributional support of the final project.
  • Worldwide non-exclusive internet rights of the film. The program will take into consideration all prior arrangements made by the applicant with various distribution partners.
  • The right to screen the final project in any ZDA (non-commercial) screening in the worldwide territories.

Besides this contribution, the program offers selected projects other means of support. Together with the project team, the program will determine which form of assistance and coaching would be most suitable for their project. This support is intended to enhance the script, production, editing or access to the international market of a project.

The deadline to submit a project for the first round is September 15, 2019. For the questions regarding the program and submission write to us here.

CIne-agora: unanimous saarc cinema movement is organised, programed and monitored by zero degree arts.