SPHERE + ZDA presents PLUTO, is an international
multidisciplinary residency program, welcoming applications from all over the world for their first edition of the residency. The artists are expected to come with an open spirit, willing  to interact and communicate with local artists, individuals or groups and impart training where/when necessary in the local institutions, organizations, educational and experimental places. Pluto trusts the accompanying center standards are critical to the definition and achievement of any model and size of Residency Program:

• Organized and adequate time, space and assets

• Enablers of the inventive procedure • Refective of their lexical importance as ‘a demonstration of abiding in a place’

• Based on clear common duty, experimentation, trade, and exchange

• Engaged with the setting by associating the neighborhood to the worldwide

• Crucial to expressions of the human experience biological community

• Bridging instruments between various expressional disciplines and non-expressional areas

• Tools for social comprehension and limit building

• Essential expert and self-awareness openings

• Catalysts for worldwide portability

• Encounters with the obscure

• Profile-raising with prompt and progressing creative, social and financial effect

• Important supporters of social strategy and social tact.

Residency Programme

Topic/Abstract of Residency: Free, Open (Applicants are free to choose their abstract)

Disciplines and Media: Visual Art – Performing Arts – Textile Art – Music – Literature – Educational Programs – New Media – Animation – Printmaking – Curatorial – Film Making – Architecture – Social Entrepreneurship – Research and Innovation

Residency conditions: Duration of residencies: 8 Weeks

Number of residents at one time: 5

Number of residencies each year: 4

3 Model of Residencies: Individual/ Group / Collaborative

Companions allowed: Partners / Pets / Children

Modus Operandi: Digital Application

Selection procedure By Committee

Presentation of Artists’ Work: Exhibition at the end of Residency, implementation, or permanent application.

Description of Residency: Setting: Urban + Suburban

Resources: Internet Connection – Digital Library – Office – Kitchen – Printmaking Facilities – Stationary and Art Tools – additional facilities

Working language(s): English (Interactive+Final Presentation in English is  mandatory) French – Spanish – German – Portuguese – Mandarin – Dutch – Italian and more

Accommodation: Private (Individual) Shared (If applying as Groups or with Partners)

Other activities happening at the space: Workshops – Presentation – Exhibition – Films – Cafe/Restaurant

Probable sessions for the First year of Residencies:
1. April 1st, 20** – May 26th, 20**
2. June 3rd, 20** – July 28th, 20**
3. Aug 12th, 20** – Oct 1st, 20**
4. Oct 16th, 20** – Dec 10th, 20**

We will be accepting the application for the residency program soon. In between If you have inquiries related to the residency or looking forword to collaborate then please write here.


Feature Image: Lawrence Schiller, marilyn 12 (Roll 2 Frame 23), 1962

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