Rape is social cancer. Woman is victimized everywhere. The country is roaring. The intellects are walking with candles. The government pays the allowances to the victim. The oppositions are taking advantage. The process of purgation has been already started. The media get excited about justice. But, what will happen if the victim is not a female? A strip of a bra. A cot of underwear. The wire is the only witness of two suicides. A male! A female! A genderless animal (it!)! Customs! Witchcraft! Expurgation! Government! All this nonsense! Hypnotism… Death, Death n’ death with materials! Murder! Murder! Murder! No rally! No protest! Behave like all three stupid monkeys! Shameless hypocrisies! Go the hell! Piss! Stools! Vomit! False! False! False! Fcuk! All these under authorities! Materialized under an obsolete altar.


Hyash Tanmoy, Mrigankasekhar Ganguly

Cast and Crew: IMDB

Festival Screenings:

  • The Bangalore Queer Film Festival – (Feb 2016) – Bangalore, India
  • Goldensun Short Film Festival – (Jan 2016) – Żebbuġ, Malta
  • Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne –  (Nov 2015) – Melbourne, Australia
  • Vagrant Film Festival – (Jun 2014) – Minsk, Belarus
  • Dialogues Calcutta International LGBT Film & Video Festival  – (Nov 2013) – Kolkata, India
  • Eastern Breeze International Film Festival – (Oct 2013) – Toronto, Canada
  • Up and Coming International Film Festival – (Oct 2013) – Hannover, Germany
    – Nominee for International Young Film Makers Award