ZERO DEGREE ARTS is a self-governing research institution based in India with infinite opportunities for multidisciplinary artists, designers, students, scholars, researchers, practitioners with an indispensable focus on sustaining the alternative progressive culture on earth and encouraging independent artists and manoeuvres worldwide.


Primarily we are focusing on the following disciplines: 
Motion Picture, Animation, Graphics Design, Visual Arts Practice, Ancient Art Practice, Contemporary Art Practice, Fine Arts Practice, Anatomy as an art, Typography, Sound, Performance Art, Theater, Choreographical Movement, Literature, Textile and Fashion, Jewellery and Metal Design, Visual communication, Museology, Interior/ Exterior Design, Critical/ Curatorial Practice, Communication Design, Virtual Reality, Urban City Design, Environmental Architecture, Product Design, Innovation Design, and OPEN STUDIO Practice (Research Project).


Zero degree arts is a  stratagem under the Department of Art and Cultural Affairs of WYND360 FOUNDATION.